Don't take our word for it...

...the Argus system is a quantum leap over our last computer system. It delivers everything we need, and is very flexible and just keeps on going. Argus, and especially the integrated AutoCat, has dramatically slashed the training time for new phone operators. The guys can come in and sound like experts on the first day. It used to take weeks. We use it for our Sales, Inventory, Purchase Orders and Shipments, Customer accounts even the cash register. You can use the filters to drill down and produce listings and you even copy / paste stuff into Excel and Word. It pops up reminders about backorders, late paying customers, breaking sets of pistons or valves even selling stuff too cheap. It tracks the available quantities and prices for credits and returned stock from the purchase invoice so we don't have to fossick around looking up old invoices from folders. You can look up customer purchases ...what, when, how much and how many with a couple of mouse clicks on invoices going back three years. What sells, what doesn''s all there.
Very pleased with it.

Craig Gordon
Import Manager
Fabre Australia

...I'm over seventy and not a computer person. I'm a carburettor man and I hadn't even used a mouse until three years ago, but I can use Peter's system with almost no problems. It has even saved me from making mistakes with returned stock and credits.
He looks after our network, file server, gizmos and wires etc, and also set-up our e-mail and internet server. I can even dial up and work from home.

Bill Bressington
Midel Pty. Ltd

...we have been using the system since about '95 and have probably had them out here to fix things about four times. It works day in and day out... it's very reliable, which is just as well because we're not computer people here so we don't want some bloody thing that you have to fiddle around with all the time, we have a business to run.
It's really very good.

Rob Warnford
Replacement Carburettors Pty. Ltd

...It saves me a lot of time. I used to use Excel sheets but Peter has set up a database program for me. It's really good. I can look up kits and parts by model or part number whatever and it's very easy to use. There are still a few things that need doing but we'll get there.

John Bishop
North Shore Bearings

... it's working great. No problems. The girls are pretty busy, especially around harvest time but they reckon it's working good. We fixed that problem with the font being to small over the fax and that was about it. That update you sent unpacked alright and all five offices have the latest version. It's great.

Gary Tucker
Regional Office Manager
NSW Grains Board.

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