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The Body Snatcher
If you ever wanted to control or assimilate 'Shelled' applications with access this may offer a starting point. It had it's genesis with a turn-key business application and replacement 'Desktop' system I built years ago.
Hours of fun for all ages.

Code2RTF. Utilities to help Document / Print / Clean up your VBA code.
Version 1 supports colour coding VB Keywords and comments like the VBA editor. Two builds are available. One VB version requiring the VB Runtime and support files, the other is a single stand alone machine code executable (no runtime or support files needed).

Version 2 will support Code indenting although the BMS guys have largely made that redundant, but for Access 97 it may still be a good thing. (basically select all and copy from Access '97 and with Code2RTF open ...paste...parse and copy back.
The betas may still have a few bugs recognising some keywords in some situations, I'll get to them when I can. It's like writing the darn compiler over again.
Version 1, Beta 1
Code2RTF.zip (stand alone version)
Version 1, Beta 3
RTFCode.zip (VB version) ...might be ready to fly!

Unbound ListBox. Ideas to help manipulate unbound listboxs. Sorting, loading and moving items without using tables or recordsets, with or without valuelists. See also the AxLstPic VB5CCE control sample.

MouseTrap Active-X Control to stop mousewheel record movement interference in Access.
Just Drop 'n Stop!
Two 'versions' available (VB5 and VB6 runtimes). Subform bug fixed thanks to Terry Kreft.

X close button trap Control. A control that adds a new event to Access that is called when the form is closed by the dreaded X button (or menu), just drop it on your form. Functions the same as the dll but requires no code to initialise.

X close button trap. A DLL that adds a new event to Access that is called when the form is closed by the dreaded X button (or menu)

ha.zip Joke Message Box
Users giving you a hard time?, Modify form1 as required and set-up the worst offender.<g> Shows one use for Stephen Leban's'

An Access 97 database showing how to send messages to other computers on your intranet.

An access application for ideas on a 'yearly calendar'. Mark off sections of a month by 'painting' with the mouse. Supports different hi-lighter colours. Saves data with colour. Easy to use colour to represent a condition such as occupancy or staff holidays etc.

Some ideas for printing debtor statements. Show total / crosstab and total query usage, using collections etc.

A simple 15k dll that exports no functions and has only a single blank entry (%1) in a message table. Suitable for applications requiring a dll to host messages using the Event Log APIs.

Some ideas on how to limit the number of detail records per page on reports.

An Access 97 database showing one way to use three criteria combos to load subform details.

An Access97 database showing a simple approach to finding data in several fields using one combo. Does 'part thereof' search.

Picture Button
A command button that supports emf files from Stephen Lebans Transparent tool. This allows the transparent background everyone is asking for. Must be registered using regsvr32.exe or the Tools / ActiveX menu in Access. After its registered in can be inserted into a form. Look in the ActiveX controls list for VBCmdBtn.UserControl1. Using standard
MS Access border control it can be made sunken, etched, raised, shadowed or any other horrible effect you might wish to inflict on your users. (See Walker Software UI)
Supports mouse up / down and disabled pix.
You can download a demo mdb that un-packs and registers the ocx.
Cheap and cheerful, but it works.

DLL Heaven
Plagued by DLL Hell and broken references for custom controls and OLE libraries? This may be the solution you are after.

The Password dialogue dll was written to overcome security issues with using a 'form' in MSAccess. The zip file contains an mdb and the dll. The dll should be installed in the system32 or system folder with the other Windows dlls.

NB: This is not an active-x dll and hence it requires no registration.

The ersatz ogrid is a demo of how to use a ListView control to simulate the Access OGrid class as used in the tab order wizard. It gives you drag and drop re-ordering of elements within the list.


(Requires the Developer Edition)
The DemoVBAAddIn.VBA is a project that may be opened by the code editor in Access2000. From there it is compiled and written to a dll. The addin should now be in the **VBA Code Editor** AddIns menu for start up options. It demonstrates how to create custom menu / toolbars in the VBA editor, and how to hook the right button 'Code Window' or other pop-up menus in the editor. It also demonstrates basic Code Pane / Window and Module Code Text manipulation.

NB The code that actually does the codepane text insertion is behind the DemoAddIndesigner. you will find this in the 'designers' folder of the project explorer. In order to view the code, right click on the designer in the explorer and select view code from the pop up menu. The same deal applies to the VBA form. If you have any trouble with this project give let me know and I can help out.

Report Printer Settings Access 2000
This is an Access 2000 mdb that demonstrates how to alter devmode printer settings in reports; copies, Orientation, Duplex etc. (in a nice way).

 Report Printer Settings Access 97
same..same the containers must be used to cycle through the reports instead of application objects.

If there are any problems with broken references / active-x control with the Printer settings stuff ...please let me know. It uses the ListView class in the comctl32.ocx library as a cheap text sorting trick. You could rem that part out and re-work if need be.

More Access Report magic Access 97.
What do you do if you need to display multiple detail lines for one record? You could use a 'print control table' or you could use the reports 'MoveLayout', 'NextRecord' and 'PrintSelection' properties. have a peek at how the comments are printed in this simple demo. Food for thought.

Write Events to NT Event Log
This module will demonstrate how to write to an NT Event Log from VB/VBA. The log can be on the local machine or an NT Server. This can be useful for small business / multi-user systems where a central secure logging point is needed.

Syslog Server
A small utility that runs in the tray to enable the current NT4 or Windows 2000 act as a Syslog server. Any application or machine that can send udp messages on port 514 to the IP address of the server can log events into that servers Application Event Log. **** I forgot the .reg file!****
download Regfile or run it from here

File DoDad
An Access 97 application to recursively get file and folder information from your drives or network and store it an tables.
Credits go to Brad Martinez (
http://www.mvps.org/ccrp/) (http://www.mvps.org/btmtz/)
The Stinga guys (

Access Object Backup Beta 1.0
Uses the hidden members of the Access Library to export Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros and Modules to structured text files. These can be imported into a new database using LoadFromText thus recreating the objects (including active-x control, and image data). Back up prior to using this utility - use at own risk.
Requires VB5 runtime files.

Access 97 Midi player demo.
Why would you want to?..anyhoo heertiz. Very simple and may be used as the kernel for a midi database.

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