CashDraw as an example of the Walker Software UI.
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With our applications, particularly those integrating with the operating system, we strive to maintain the standard Microsoft user interface (albeit with the occasional exception of the mouse-wheel); as with the control panel applet or Access app shown below.

Do your applications pass the Logo High Contrast test and use standard system metrics for colour, size etc?

We do not employ (impose) coloured, non standard buttons, fonts, flashing labels etc. We realise that many users have special needs, cultural traditions and taboos or just like to set their own colour / appearance schemes notwithstanding our obvious good taste.
For instance...

  • Colour blind people may have difficulty reading red text on a green background.
  • The eye can't focus simultaneously on colours from opposite ends of the spectrum. (Red being the worst offender)
  • People prone to migraine don't need bright flashing labels.
  • An application may be required to operate in situation with specific lighting requirements.

Microsoft have spent millions on user interface research.
Why not use their money?

Below is excerpt from....
Application Specification for Microsoft Windows 2000
for desktop applications
Design Guide for Building
Business Applications

5.1 Support standard system size, color, font, & input settings
5.2 Ensure compatibility with the High Contrast option
5.3 Provide documented keyboard access to all features
5.4 Expose the location of the keyboard focus
5.5 Do not rely exclusively on sound
5.6 Do not place shortcuts to documents, help, or uninstall in the Start Menu
5.7 Support multiple monitors